Weird High Voice (EP)

by The Pardos

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Three demos from the For The People sessions.


released October 16, 2015

All songs written and composed by Adam R. Rudy
Cover photo/design by Adam Rudy




The Pardos Queens, New York

The Pardos are a folk rock duo from Queens, NY. Taking their name from legendary TV announcer Don Pardo, Adam Rudy (vocals, guitar) and Ben Schiery (vocals, accordion) write songs about love, loneliness, and space.

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Track Name: KOAA (Demo)
I’ve got a preoccupation
With you, I’ve got you on my mind
I wouldn’t say it’s love because
They tell me I’m incapable of love

Got a mode of operation
For you, a plan, I hope you don’t mind
I wouldn’t call it crazy ‘cause
I don’t believe it’s crazy if it’s love

I’ve been in this cage so long
And your voice is like a birdsong
Drifting in my window
Telling me to come outside

You’re like a breath of fresh air
Or sunshine coming through the bars
I feel free when I see you on the TV
That’s bolted to the wall
You’re the cure to my despair
Oh, you don’t know, my dear
Just how I fear another 15 years without you near

I love the way you tell me
All the events of the day
I’m sure that it’s informative
But I don’t know what day it is, my love

My love, I love your desk
But I don’t like that guy you share it with
I wouldn’t call it jealousy no
I’m not jealous if it’s love

I’m gonna get out of this place, I just can’t wait any longer
I’m coming down to Channel 5, I think it’s time he left
And I can sit behind the desk with you
And it won’t be that hard
Today’s top story, my broken heart
Track Name: Done With This (Demo)
Walk on land mines around me
Let me turn on my personality
Watch me play somebody healthy
At least I’m better than I used to be

I’ve fallen in with a bad crowd
They’re so well-adjusted
I fell apart in a big way
So now I guess I’m done with this
Now I guess I’m done with this

Talking to something above my head
But I’d be better off instead
Listening to the voice inside my head
At least I’m better than I was back then

I can’t fix standing outside looking in
And I can’t change more than I can stay the same
I’m sorry though
Better let it go
Track Name: Pity the Engineer (Demo)
I had a very good idea
But it never got off the ground
I was held back
I had an attack
Of my conscience now I’m turned around

They told me that everything
I’d done was an affront to God
I was misunderstood
Now nothing is as good
As it was when I was turned on

Looking in the mirror and I can’t recognize the face
But I recognize the eyes
Wheels are visibly turning
And the circuits are burning
And the wires make me feel alive

Buried underground I don’t care
I don’t have to breathe like I used to
I dug my way out
What was that all about?
I’m disappointed but I don’t hate you

Baby don’t you love me anymore?
Aren’t I your only one?
Why don’t you love me like you used to?
You never come home
You never come home anymore