New England (EP)

by The Pardos

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Some demos from our new album, which we'll put out sometime next spring. Please enjoy.


released December 11, 2015

All songs written and composed by Adam R. Rudy
Cover photo/design by Adam Rudy
Adam Rudy - Synthesizers (1-3, 6), drum programming (6), acoustic guitar (1-5), vocals (1-6)
Produced by Adam Rudy




The Pardos Queens, New York

The Pardos are a folk rock duo from Queens, NY. Taking their name from legendary TV announcer Don Pardo, Adam Rudy (vocals, guitar) and Ben Schiery (vocals, accordion) write songs about love, loneliness, and space.

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Track Name: Between Coasts (Demo)
Through sunken eyes the world seems small again
The little lies have come to call and all the king’s men fall
The ties that bind with frayed and worn-out ends
Better lives are bought in malls and scrawled on rock club walls

I have learned to live
In what’s left of the real world
And I have had to forgive
Myself, my god
The bitter teenage angst
I never had to face
Is coming down, coming down
A little late

Joy in tears, I seem so sane again
Kept so near and without shame, we play the game of who’s to blame
Led by fear but we proclaim again
We love it here, we’re all the same, it’s all so sane, and I’m okay

Getting older, getting told that what you think is what you are
Getting colder, gotta hold on to what little love you’ve got
Track Name: Paper Planes & Plastic Guns (Demo)
Memories up on the wall
It’s so cliched that I would fall in love with you
Platitudes and axioms
And paper planes and plastic guns, I know
You don’t care

You’ve heard it all before
The things that I adore
About you dear
Stop and watch the world a while
And if I make you smile
I can’t be all bad

Shoelace strung through eyelets worn
Out by the million times I’ve bored myself and you
Paper planes and pepper spray
And we always ends up this way, you know
I don’t care

Spend an hour writing poems and
Anti-capitalist prose, let’s despair
Shot the moon and it shot back
With this self-involvement heart attack, I know
You don’t care
Track Name: Suffering (Demo)
Now it doesn’t seem right
That I lay awake at night
Wondering why
I’m all alone

You wanted to be friends
But I didn’t like you to begin with
Now please just try
To leave me alone

But if this world were fair and just
Then you would be the one
If everything were nice and equal
Everyone would see you’re evil
I hope you’re suffering

Now I don’t mean to whine
Or over-dramatize
I’m really fine
Just leave me alone

But you seem happy and I’m lonely
So I hope your new one and only’s
No, I would never wanna harm ya
But you’ve earned some fucking karma
I hope you’re suffering
I hope you’re suffering
Track Name: Idle Hands (Demo)
Your subtle machinations
And sick manipulations
You’re diluting and disputing
What everybody knows
My lack of concentration
Let you run wild with fabrications
My character, a caricature
But that’s fair, I suppose

You’re bitter and mean
And it’s hard to believe
That I used to want to sleep with you
But then again I’m losing my

We had a good time
But inquiries leave injuries
And so we’ve come to find
We had to say goodbye
The irony belying why
I just don’t wanna fight

The Spanish Inquisition
Your latest acquisition
Those techniques were pretty neat
You think, and now you’re on the phone
With your New England diction
You share your latest fiction
With your acolytes, you crucify
The devil that you know

I like the beach
And you hate my parents
Admit defeat
I think by now that it’s apparent
Track Name: Unusually Loud (Cybernetic Demo)
Give me a gun
Lock the windows
All my shrunken heads are watching
And I want to impress

Won’t it be fun
To analyze the scenario?
All your regular heads are watching
And I aim to confuse

Dreaming the impossible dream
Living life through societal themes
There’s an arrow pointing at another one
Inspiration from inspiring scenes
Falling precisely onto the mean
A chalk outline in the shape of a man on the ground
And your expression is unusually loud

Take photographs
For a social medium
All our millennial friends are watching
And that makes me depressed

A chronograph
Ending its life of tedium
All of the other clocks are watching
Will the irony diffuse?