For the People

by The Pardos

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A demo album by some people, for the people.

Taking sounds from folk, punk, and alternative rock and condensing them into a minimal accordion and guitar combination, The Pardos perform high-energy songs belying their sparse arrangement. With lyrics that skew towards the metaphorical, the duo offers songs on subjects ranging from heartbreak to spaceships.


released November 12, 2015

2-6 written and composed by Adam R. Rudy
1, 7 and 9 written and composed by Ben Schiery
8 and 10 written by Adam R. Rudy and composed by Ben Schiery

Vocals (2-6, 10), acoustic guitar (1-6, 8-10), and backing vocals (1) by Adam Rudy
Vocals (1, 7-9), accordion (1-10), and backing vocals (2) by Ben Schiery

Cover photo, design, and the "People" logo by Adam Rudy




The Pardos Queens, New York

The Pardos are a folk rock duo from Queens, NY. Taking their name from legendary TV announcer Don Pardo, Adam Rudy (vocals, guitar) and Ben Schiery (vocals, accordion) write songs about love, loneliness, and space.

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Track Name: North of East
When the last arrival lulls around
Does the loudest error of judgement resound
In this lowest form of pound-for-pound
A careless trick of light goes out

Ten-by-twenty in gnarled ranks
Tip to tail, but no one sang
Trained to kneel, but the band won’t play
Hour on hour and day on day

Blowing north of east
Broken vacuum sea
Dusty cosmic drive
But never for me

Pounded through but hardly tuned
Prayerless witnesses change and loom
Filed down and ashes strewn
Cross my heart, I’ll be home soon

I wish this were a test
And every thing I saw here was just
I wish I had the time
To follow through and twist this skyline
Track Name: Done With This
Walk on land mines around me
Let me turn on my personality
Watch me play somebody healthy
At least I’m better than I used to be

I’ve fallen in with a bad crowd
They’re so well-adjusted
I fell apart in a big way
So now I guess I’m done with this
Now I guess I’m done with this

Talking to something above my head
But I’d be better off instead
Listening to the voice inside my head
At least I’m better than I was back then

I can’t fix standing outside looking in
And I can’t change more than I can stay the same
I’m sorry though
Better let it go
Track Name: Bob Dylan
I wanted to be coffee house
Second-wave feminist
I wanted to be dissident
Singing for the junior communists

Turn back time for me
I was in line to be
The next great American
Folk singer’s hanging tree

I wanted to be Bob Dylan
But my bohemian cred
Was ripped to shreds
I wanted to be Bob Dylan
But my God-given shame
Went up in flames

Is it really any wonder
That I would go sell-out?
Isn’t fame and fortune
What this whole peace thing’s about?
But if I play a simple song
Just me and my guitar
You wouldn’t see the irony
Because I’ve learned to play the part
Track Name: Liberty Spiked
I met a girl in the grocery store
She’d dropped her groceries on the floor
helped out and got to talking to her

She played bass in a punk rock band
They sang about Afghanistan
She asked me to come to their show tonight
And I said yeah, that sounds alright

She was the most beautiful girl
I’ve ever seen in a grocery store

She took me to her show
And I watched from the front row
As she rocked out, and I wanted to shout
I think I’m falling in love
She took me backstage
And suffice to say
I wanna see her again, I’m gonna tell all my friends
I think I’m falling in love with a punk rock girl

We started going steady then
I met all her punk rock friends
I cut my hair and got a couple piercings
She let me join her punk rock band
And I played the theremin
We all got arrested for minor crimes
A couple dozen times

In the summer things started to turn
She hopped a plane and she headed to Bern
Left me behind and married a DJ
Now she’s into EDM
And so are all her punk rock friends
The band broke up and I’m all alone
I wish my punk rock girl would come home

She took me to her show
And I watched from the front row
As she rocked out, and it kills me now
To think I fell in love
She took me backstage
And then she ran away
I’ll never see her again, I lost all my friends
I never should’ve fallen in love with a punk rock girl
Track Name: KOAA
I’ve got a preoccupation
With you, I’ve got you on my mind
I wouldn’t say it’s love because
They tell me I’m incapable of love

Got a mode of operation
For you, a plan, I hope you don’t mind
I wouldn’t call it crazy ‘cause
I don’t believe it’s crazy if it’s love

I’ve been in this cage so long
And your voice is like a birdsong
Drifting in my window
Telling me to come outside

You’re like a breath of fresh air
Or sunshine coming through the bars
I feel free when I see you on the TV
That’s bolted to the wall
You’re the cure to my despair
Oh, you don’t know, my dear
Just how I fear another 15 years without you near

I love the way you tell me
All the events of the day
I’m sure that it’s informative
But I don’t know what day it is, my love

My love, I love your desk
But I don’t like that guy you share it with
I wouldn’t call it jealousy no
I’m not jealous if it’s love

I’m gonna get out of this place, I just can’t wait any longer
I’m coming down to Channel 5, I think it’s time he left
And I can sit behind the desk with you
And it won’t be that hard
Today’s top story, my broken heart
Track Name: The Life of a Normal Person is Rather Simple
The look in your eyes says it all
Now I know that you are not like us
I had my suspicions all along
Now I know that you are not like us

It isn’t hard to tell that you’ve never
Had to eat your lunch alone, no

You’re not a weirdo
You’re not a freak
You’re not unusual
Like me

You’re so normal and that’s okay
But I know that you won’t understand
Not an artist in any way
No I know that you don’t understand

It isn’t hard to tell that you’ve never
Not fit in with kids your age
It isn’t hard to tell that you never
Thought too much about kids like me, no

The cracks in your smile
As you declare that this is all so weird
Your eyes say it better
Than the subtext ever could
I really don’t care what you think
Because it’s clear
That you’ve got nothing to express
Oh you’re so misunderstood
Track Name: Pull the Plug
Look at me, don’t turn away. What are you trying to say?
Spit it out. I need to know. Your eyes can’t help what they show.
I can tell you tried to find numbness in mirrored white lines.
I’ll pretend I never said, ‘cause now the messenger’s dead.

Beginning compressions, I get the impression this isn’t your first flight
Now you’re crashing again and again, coming back online but then, can’t we just pull the plug?

Visitors have come to see just how bad off you could be
Hanging on just by a thread. Don’t know how you’re not gone yet.
Eyes fill up as they behold one last image in the cold
They retreat back out the door. No, they’re not here anymore.

You are going under. Still, I have to wonder how you got this far.
Feel the palpitations? No, you probably won’t make it. We’ve done all we can.
Track Name: Recovering Twice
Oh, but the floor underneath is spinning
Funny, since I am standing still
Oh, but your tragi-comedic grinning
Saves me my fear of getting ill
What can you give to me doctor? I am
Nothing if not for skin and bones
Oh, but the shaking’s beginning doctor
Save me with jagged little pills

Doctor look into my eyes and tell me
You still think I’m alive
I’ve been watching every drop of rain fall
Down outside

Oh, but the bitterest tastes still linger
I’ve taken my pills most every day
Oh, like the march of the protest singer
I’m railing against my own decay
What can you do for me doctor? Nothing
Seems to be working right today
Oh, but I hear the bell ringer doctor
Preparing his latest essay

Oh, my broken clock has stopped
At least I don’t have anywhere to be today
And oh, my broken heart has stopped
Never mind it started again
Track Name: As Prescribed
Something tells me I should find out where you’re coming from
Information kept from me is pulling me undone
Is there anyone? Is there anyone?
Write me off
Faster come the ill begotten losses from my mind
Sound alarms and fasten in to watch my soul unwind
What’s there left to find? What’s there left to find?
Write me off

Making matters easy on everybody else
I’ll take it into my own hands
It all gets better is what they say to me
Fuck everything I want it all to end

Blindly following whatever I can stand to watch
Nothing keeping me here save the numbers on the clock
Waiting ‘til I rot. Waiting ‘til I rot
Write me off
Seeking out some solitary respite from this ache
Nearer do I draw to numbness with each pill I take
Hope it’s not a waste. Hope it’s not a waste
Write me off

Making matters easy on everybody else
I’ll take it into my own hands
It all gets better is what they say to me
Fuck everything I want it all to end
It all gets better is what they say to me
Fuck everything I want it all to end

I see forever, I have no role to play
My heart is broken, but why I can’t say
Backed into the corner
Nowhere left to go from here
Track Name: I Don't Need a Thing
Knowing just to rotate and revolve
The world went on alone
Leaving me here, fate still unresolved
With you still on the phone
Telling me that my guilt you’d absolve
For I could not have known
Rising against the tide I resolved
Then came the dial tone

Now I don’t think about you
I don’t feel a thing
I’m not that wretch you rescued
Not that bird with broken wings
No I don’t need to get through
I don’t need a thing
I’m not about to beg you
Or try to pull at your heartstrings

Watching it would have left me enthralled
Were it not close to home
Living it, though, was far more involved
The reaping of the sown
Passing time must have left me evolved
The world went on, if slow
Something tells me that if you had called
I would not have known

I would recommend it, my
Moving on from what we left be-
hind, I know you’re on cloud nine
Happier and realigned