Context (EP)

by The Pardos

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This is a four-song EP consisting of songs written in early 2015, before the Pardos ever were.


released October 20, 2015

All songs written and composed by Adam R. Rudy
Cover photo/design by Adam Rudy




The Pardos Queens, New York

The Pardos are a folk rock duo from Queens, NY. Taking their name from legendary TV announcer Don Pardo, Adam Rudy (vocals, guitar) and Ben Schiery (vocals, accordion) write songs about love, loneliness, and space.

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Track Name: Old Friends
Like a broken heart
Without all the heartbreak
Just some defective parts
To remove and then replace

Like a long-lost friend
With a long-lost mind
A million shards of glass
That found their way inside

Broken down and dying
Find the comfort in our lying
Underneath pleasant goodbye-ing
Find the comfort in our lying

Like a rapier wit
Wasted on a fool
Our fondest memories
Never were that cool

Like a half-assed simile
It doesn't make sense
Repetition hurts
When you're repeating an offense
Track Name: Groundhog Day
I'm off to Punxsutawney
I'm tired of freezing rain
I'm tired of shoveling and blowing snow
I'm off to Punxsutawney
I'll be there in three days
Find out what the groundhog knows

Kids went outside to build a snowman on the lawn
Looks like they built two
That was in November and since then they've been gone
And I don't know just what I'm supposed to do

See, I need the spring to come so that I can find my wife
Haven't seen her since the winter came
I try to still look for her but it's hard to find the time
To walk around calling her name
Track Name: Wandering
In the shadow of a tall tree
By the water on a hot July day
Never thought I'd miss that summer
But I do in a funny way

I don't know if I'll have to wake up tomorrow
Or if they'll just let me sleep
And I don't know the difference between life outside
And all these wandering dreams
Come apart at the seams

Skipping rocks across the water
To the city on the other shore
See the skyline lit by the sunrise
Count the fireflies that light the screen door

Were it only we weren't lonely
Weren't the only ones who lived this way
Tired of thinking, waiting, wishing
I think that I'll be going home today
Track Name: Cops
They tell me
The things I want to hear
Doesn't make a difference
I'm still covering my ears

You just watch
The news that you agree with
Doesn't make a difference
When you fall asleep to fear

Cop kills a kid
Kid kills a cop
Now we're back where we started
We always end up where we started from
And I've had enough

I hear cries
For a national conversation
Doesn't make a difference
It'll all blow over soon

I don't mind
Your contrary opinion
Just want a goddamned conversation
It'll all be over soon