Bad Ideas & Good Intentions

by The Pardos

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The first studio album from The Pardos, Bad Ideas & Good Intentions is a collection of 12 brand new songs produced in stunning stereo sound, offered to you free of charge.

Praise for the album:
"The Pardos manage to be goofy without being stupid and edgy without being pretentious...their songs cannot fall into any particular category but once one gets into your head, you get obsessed with it. [...] This is hugely innovative and quirky music from a hugely innovative and quirky band."
- Jamsphere Magazine

"...a very refreshing step forward...The Pardos are worth following."
- Brett Stewart, writer, musician, founder of Strike Magazine


released February 25, 2016

1-3, 5-7, 9, 10, 12 written and composed by Adam R. Rudy
4, 8, and 11 composed by Ben Schiery

The Pardos have been:
Adam Rudy - Vocals (1-3, 5-7, 9, 10, 12), distorted acoustic guitar (5, 7, 12), electric guitar (1-3, 6), bass guitar (1, 3, 6), melodica (3, 6), mandolin (3), drum programming (1-3, 5-7, 9, 10, 12), synthesizers (1, 3, 7, 9, 12), percussion (6)
Ben Schiery - Synthesizers, drum programming (4, 8, 11)

Any instruments not listed above (i.e. trumpets on 3, piano on 4) were synthesized and are credited as “synthesizers”

Cover and booklet design by Adam Rudy
Mixed and produced by Adam Rudy

This album was mastered using LANDR (

Released February 25, 2016 by And Records under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial license (

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*This album is not for audiophiles. If you’re going to complain about the production quality, you’re missing the point.




The Pardos Queens, New York

The Pardos are a folk rock duo from Queens, NY. Taking their name from legendary TV announcer Don Pardo, Adam Rudy (vocals, guitar) and Ben Schiery (vocals, accordion) write songs about love, loneliness, and space.

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Track Name: Authority
Cops are figures of authority
And you don’t like cops or authority
I like you so I guess that means
That I don’t like figures of authority

You’re so cool
The way you loiter outside the grocery store
You don’t go to school
Not because you’re dumb, but because you’re just too smart
Man, too smart for the man

I like you
You make me feel like I’ve never felt before
I don’t have a clue
How to make you notice me, girl you know I wanna be your
Man, I wanna be your man
Track Name: Let's Just Get Along (I Don't Wanna Fight)
It’s so dumb
It’s so stupid
It’s so cruel and unusual
La la la
I can’t hear you
I know, so mature

I know I’m wrong
I know you’re right
Let’s just get along
I don’t wanna fight
It’s been so long
It’s been all night
Let’s just get along
I don’t wanna fight

I was dumb
I was stupid
I think that comes as no surprise
So let’s move on
Let’s not do this
Not here, not in this store
Track Name: Between Coasts
Through sunken eyes the world seems small again
The little lies have come to call and all the king’s men fall
The ties that bind with frayed and worn-out ends
Better lives are bought in malls and scrawled on rock club walls

I have learned to live
In what’s left of the real world
And I have had to forgive
Myself, my god
The bitter teenage angst
I never had to face
Is coming down, coming down
A little late

Joy in tears, I seem so sane again
Kept so near and without shame, we play the game of who’s to blame
Led by fear but we proclaim again
We love it here, we’re all the same, it’s all so sane, and I’m okay

Getting older, getting told that what you think is what you are
Getting colder, gotta hold on to what little love you’ve got
Track Name: Suffering
Now it doesn’t seem right
That I lay awake at night
Wondering why
I’m all alone

You wanted to be friends
But I didn’t like you to begin with
Now please just try
To leave me alone

But if this world were fair and just
Then you would be the one
If everything were nice and equal
Everyone would see you’re evil
I hope you’re suffering

Now I don’t mean to whine
Or over-dramatize
I’m really fine
Just leave me alone

But you seem happy and I’m lonely
So I hope your new one and only’s
No, I would never wanna harm ya
But you’ve earned some fucking karma
I hope you’re suffering
I hope you’re suffering
Track Name: Nirvana Girl
I know a girl who loves Kurt Cobain
Too bad he’s dead, what a shame
But this girl is on my brain
Maybe instead, I could play

The part of the one she loves
A heart-shaped box, so dumb

I’m in love with this Nirvana girl
Putting on a sweater, playing Man Who Sold The World
On my guitar for Nirvana girl
All apologies to Nirvana, girl

I never was the biggest fan of grunge
But I like Pearl Jam, so close enough
I think about her all the time
I was gonna make another Nirvana reference
But Nevermind

The fact I haven’t heard the B-sides
For her, though, I would buy Insecticide
Track Name: Savoir Faire
Your paragraphs, an epitaph
For all the good times we had
I’ve got a hundred messages from you
Is it bad that I had to laugh
At the way you played so sad?
Dramatic third act from your point of view

I guess we’re both adults now
Depressed and both at fault now

Maybe if I was less dysfunctional
Maybe if I was bisexual
Maybe if I was an intellectual
Dead end
You’d be interested

Your mauldin air, I can’t compare
I’ve bored you with my savoir-faire
Or lack thereof compared to you
Oh, this despair, it’s just not fair
A martyr with a cross to bear
A rusted cellar door stuck shut like glue

I can’t help feeling dull now
You just had to break me down now
Track Name: A (Very) Still Life
I awoke in a cold sweat
On the night of your death
I was broke and depressed
And you came to make amends

(Then you died, then you died)
I have to say
(Then you died, then you died)
I have to admit
(Then you died, then you died)
I have to say
(Then you died, then you died)
I have to admit

You didn’t want to climb up
So you jumped off the first floor
Landed on something pointy
And I drove you to the morgue
When they asked for cause of death
I just shrugged and looked away
They understood completely
And I went about my day

When I got back to my home
I realized you forgot your phone
But then it clicked, no you won’t need
To check your Facebook or Twitter feed
Track Name: Untitled (Jenny's Song)
Thank you for breaking my heart
For throwing me out
And tearing me apart
I needed it
Thank you for being my friend
My enabler
My defense
I needed it back then

Are we still okay?
I know, I’ve apologized
Are we doing okay?
You know, I can read your eyes
But I’ve changed
And I’m sure that you’ve changed as well
We grew up and got tired of hell
Oh well

I shouldn’t have said those things
And you shouldn’t have treated me that way
We were stupid kids, though it seems like yesterday
It doesn’t matter who we were then
I started trying to live for today
You shouldn’t have said those things
And I shouldn’t have treated you that way
Track Name: Idle Hands
Your subtle machinations
And sick manipulations
You’re diluting and disputing
What everybody knows
My lack of concentration
Let you run wild with fabrications
My character, a caricature
But that’s fair, I suppose

You’re bitter and mean
And it’s hard to believe
That I used to want to sleep with you
But then again I’m losing my

We had a good time
But inquiries leave injuries
And so we’ve come to find
We had to say goodbye
The irony belying why
I just don’t wanna fight

The Spanish Inquisition
Your latest acquisition
Those techniques were pretty neat
You think, and now you’re on the phone
With your New England diction
You go and share your latest fiction
With your acolytes, you crucify
The devil that you know

I like the beach
And you hate my parents
Admit defeat
I think by now that we can bear it